Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Prophecy

The mainstream media now speaks of the Great Recovery of the US Economy. "America's Back!" claimed a popular magazine. This is news to the residents of Northeast Ohio. The Sixth City remains depressed, desolate, and desperate. Not since 1964 have we had a real celebration. For 36 years we have waited for the day that the Chosen One would bring peace to his kingdom. In the meantime, the city on the lake has experienced heartbreak over and over. The drive, the fumble, the squandered opportunities, and most importantly, the shot... A year has past since the King's previous campaign for a title and it seems poetic justice that our Cavaliers must face the Bulls in the first round. It was in his 7th year that Chicago's number 23 won his first title. Now we have a number 23 in his 7th year. 16 wins. That is the goal. Let us put aside the speculation of next year and focus on the present. If the prophecy is true, these concerns will be moot points. The City on the Lake will burn. The child born of the Cuyahoga River will bring peace to his kingdom and the curse will finally be lifted.



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