Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Prophecy

"Sorry, kid. You got the gift, but it looks like you're waiting for something... Your next life, maybe. Who knows?" - The Matrix

The City of Cleveland awaits the King's Decision.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Prophecy

Citizens of Ohio, Rejoice!

The Curse of Michael Jordan has been lifted. The Cavs have finally beaten the Bulls in a playoff series. Sure the fans of Chicago, as well as a wisecracking imp named Noah, reminded us vocally that "Cleveland Sucks!" If that is true and the Cavaliers defeated the Bulls, does that not mean that the Windy City of Chicago "blows"? Let us put that behind us now. The path of the Chosen One will not be easy moving forward. In front of him awaits the most successful franchise in the history of the sport. The city of Boston is known for its elite teams, institutions and universities. The Sixth City is now a relic of the great American post-war economic boom. The blue collar city of Cleveland vs the white collar city of Boston. The gold standard of pro sports vs the perennial disappointments of the past. Why will it be different this time?

The Cavaliers are much stronger than the last time these two teams met in the playoffs. The addition of the Big Aristotle in the off-season and the trade for Twan should not be taken lightly. The Chosen One struggled mightily against the Celtics in their previous meeting, but still only came one basket short of advancing. The King is now on the verge of being honored with his second MVP award in as many years. This time, he must not put the burden on himself. He has been surrounded by a much better battalion, as the Celtics have aged. This is going to be some battle. There will be dirty tricks and outright violent hits. The Celtics will attack what appears to be the Chosen One's weakness, a sore elbow. So sore that he almost put up triple doubles in back to back games. Mark my words, attack his elbow, Boston, and he will unleash the fury. The determination of the One is only eclipsed by his shear power and speed.

12 wins remain, for the prophecy to be proven true. Citizens of Ohio, let us support our King and his court! For they are our last hope...